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Masquerade Parade

Disney PrincessesThe party will be amazing in this Disney Princesses Masquerade shopping game, but in order to fully enjoy it, you will have to make sure that all the guests are dressed properly. For this, choose the girl you wish and begin either the Cinderella makeover game free or the Belle dress up game online. Depending on your choice, you will get to go to two shops and there start spending some of your budget.

Do not waste it all on accessories because you will need to have a nice dress, a mask and also cute shoes to match. You will surely take your past experiences with other Disney Princesses dress up games and put it to good use in order to deliver some awesome outfits for the two gorgeous girls. Hope you will enjoy these Disney Mall shopping games as much as we do, because plenty more surprises are lined up.

Don’t forget your masks,!

On the Case!

Jasmine and Ariel DetectivesThe girls will be on the case, but not before you start this Ariel and Jasmine Detectives game in which you will get to catch the bad guy and also buy some neat outfits that will look awesome. In this Disney Princesses clothes shopping game you will have to try your best to manage the budget that you have at your disposal because the Inspector will not allow for reckless spending. Try to disguise the two girls in the Ariel dress up game for girls and she will also need her partner to be undercover as well.

For this reason, once you are done with shopping for Ariel, choose to play the Jasmine dress up game free and they will be ready to infiltrate the enemy headquarters and catch the crook. Hope you all enjoy our latest Princesses mall shopping games together with this one.

Until next time, stay sharp,!

Hippie Princesses

Disney Princesses Hippie FashionGet together with your favorite girls in this Disney Princesses hippie fashion game in which you will get to choose either Snow White or Rapunzel to get their turn first at browsing the shops. The Hippies have set their vans to sell some cute merchandise so pay them a visit in this Rapunzel fashion game and spend her budget on saggy pants, sunglasses and flip flops.

Once she is all done in the Disney princess makeover game, you can move on and choose the other character. Begin the Snow White makeover game in which you will have a similar budget and you get to choose some more sandals, colorful shirts and accessories. Have fun playing this Disney clothes shopping game and join in our next adventure together where we will meet even more awesome people.

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