Breakfast in Bed

Not every morning we wake up with a happy face but there is nothing better to cheer you up than our newest cooking game. The dish is called Scrambled Egg Burritos and it is sure to turn that frown upside-down no matter how early you have to wake up in the morning.

Scrambled Egg BurritosOf course  you will have to learn the recipe like in most other scenarios because cooking something for the first time might seem a little tricky. Fear not as this awesome girl game will guide  you throughout the whole process and hopefully you will not make a mess out of that kitchen. Have fun with it and share it with friends so they will have great mornings from now on as well. Also you could try some other dinner cooking games or some dress-up games for when you are done eating and need to go out.

Enjoy the dish, gamesforgirlz,net!

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