On the Case!

Jasmine and Ariel DetectivesThe girls will be on the case, but not before you start this Ariel and Jasmine Detectives game in which you will get to catch the bad guy and also buy some neat outfits that will look awesome. In this Disney Princesses clothes shopping game you will have to try your best to manage the budget that you have at your disposal because the Inspector will not allow for reckless spending. Try to disguise the two girls in the Ariel dress up game for girls and she will also need her partner to be undercover as well.

For this reason, once you are done with shopping for Ariel, choose to play the Jasmine dress up game free and they will be ready to infiltrate the enemy headquarters and catch the crook. Hope you all enjoy our latest Princesses mall shopping games together with this one.

Until next time, stay sharp, gamesforgirlz.net!

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